Education, Wokeness & CRT

Stopping the left wing liberal WOKE agenda in our public schools is of paramount importance to me. Until we get school choice passed down in Austin we need somebody to fight for our children, I’ll lead the way. I’m all for school choice in the state of Texas. If we give the power to the tax payer to dictate where they want to send their school taxes we will have a massive attitude adjustment that will take place across the public school system here in Texas. Go woke go broke. Tarrant County families who pay for the public schools of Tarrant County expect teachers to educate, not indoctrinate. Liberal activism is not a core subject. I’ll be the strongest critic against CRT being taught in our
children’s classrooms on the Commissioner’s Court.

Public Security & Law Enforcement

We have no leadership in D.C. It’s more important than ever to have strong leadership on the County level. What happens down at the border doesn’t stay at the border. Illegal aliens and drugs are pouring over the border and headed to Tarrant County and then to a neighborhood near you. This is unacceptable. I will 100% vote to renew the 287g program when it comes up for renewal and do everything to boost this program. I’ll always back our law enforcement community and do whatever it takes to give the Sheriff & District Attorneys office all the resources they need to combat crime and protect our citizens. With my conservative leadership I will never allow Tarrant County to turn into the next Travis County or California. I will always Back The Blue.

Election Integrity

This has become a major problem not just in Texas but across the USA. The people of Tarrant County don’t have confidence in our elections or our Elections Administrator of Tarrant County. This must change. Upon being elected, I will request a complete review of the Hart voting machines used in Tarrant County and look into new leadership within the Elections Administration. In Tarrant County the Elections Administrator is appointed by a five person panel including: Tarrant Republican Chair, Democrat Chair, County Judge, County Clerk and Tax Assessor. I propose that we have an “Elections Integrity Committee” that is comprised of five members that are elected by the people of Tarrant County. They will oversee the hiring and firing of the Elections Administrator and will work with the Elections Administration to fight fraud on all levels. If we can’t go back to precinct voting and paper ballots we need to have elected officials that understand how cyber crime is committed and do everything in our power to prevent our elections from being hacked.

Tax Burden

I will work tirelessly to lessen the burden that tax increases put on our families.

Government Overreach

If the government allows left-wing radicals to protest and massive corporations to keep their doors open during a pandemic, small businesses, schools, charities, and churches should be allowed to do the same. It’s not the government’s job to determine which public entities are essential. I will never vote to shutdown businesses or places of worship. Vaccine mandates are totally unacceptable. I will never enfore vaccine mandate orders coming down from Washington. Forcing someone to either put something in their body or lose their job is un-american, bad for business and is something you expect from a communist regime not from the USA.

Improving Road Works & Infrastructure

Northwest Tarrant County is growing tremendously, but our road works & infrastructure development in Precinct 4 are in neglect. One of the key problems is we’re always building homes first and building the roads and infrastructure later. I worked in Christchurch, New Zealand after the 2011 earthquakes. I will apply what I learned from this experience to eliminate bottlenecked traffic congestion in Precinct 4 (and the rest of Tarrant County)

American Exceptionalism

America is the best country on the planet. Our founding fathers and the documents that they drafted are still relevant even in the 21st century. Their vision for the USA is irreplaceable. Unfortunately there’s a small faction of society that screams loud, wants
to rewrite history, sexualize our children, destroy the family unit, tear down our monuments and hates America. I promise you I will fight back against this radical leftist ideology in ever facet of Tarrant County society. I will never allow San Francisco far left fanatic values to come to Tarrant and destroy our society.

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